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tv   The Early Show  CBS  November 13, 2010 5:00am-7:00am PST

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president returns from his asian trip this weekend for find a new political landscape and battle over tax cuts. can you xlo mice without looking weak. cruising for a bruising, the card nan splendor night pair's spen dor's odyssey is over. how long could it take to recover. the double agent man who turned in spy anna chapman, now on the run. and palin's reality. sarah palin launches her reality show and the images are a campaign manager's dreechl. is this free promotion for a run
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in 2012? that and more early this saturday morning november 13th, saturday morning november 13th, 2011 captioning funded by cbs sxwloo one thing we'll talk about this morning, the president wrapping up his trip asia. let's hope the president gets slep on air force one on the way home because he has quite an agenda when he gets back here to the states, including a lame duck session of congress, the bush tax cuts, do they get extended or not and, of course, the deficit. >> of course so, many manufacturing jobs at stake this trip some n some cases some people would say not exactly what we hoped for in the united states. on a much lighter note i mean that as a double enten tre talking about mall foods. what is the lighter option, you
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are stopping and stop by one what's the better option. >> i prefer the cinnabon and wash it down with a jamba juice. our top story this morning the president's long journey from asia. he's in japan this morning, the last stop of his ten-day trip and hoped to increase trade between growing asian economies and the u.s. but in the end his efforts fell well short of his goal. cbs news chief white house correspondent is traveling with the president this morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris. today, the president continued to push asian nations to open their markets telling a group of business executives america is here to stay. >> what happens in japan or china or indonesia also has a direct effect on the lives and for shuns of the american people. >> reporter: his trip has not gone as he would have hoped. the failure to complete a free trade agreement with south korea was a stinging setback and
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washington hasn't waited for the president to return. domestic issues overshadowed bart of his trip, first an unexpected release by his commission to lower the national defendant. >> i'm willing to have a discussion about that issue. >> reporter: more pressing whether to extend the bush tax cuts for the middle-class alone or include upper incomes, too. all expire at the end of the year. >> my hope is somewhere in between there we can find some sort of solution but i'm not going to negotiate here in seoul. >> reporter: but after the brutality midterm elections president obama will return home sunday afternoon to a new political climate created by the newly empowered republicans. >> the white house is very much looking to make a deal. they don't want to have a fight over a tax increase right offer they lost the house. beyond that, there's little incentives for republicans to play ball at all. >> reporter: bhit house officials say they are confident this trip will pay dividends down the road as asian economies
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gradually open their markets to u.s. goods, creating jobs for americans back home. chris? >> chip, thank you. the president is leaving asia empty handed to face a mountain of issues here at home k. he turn is presidency around and if so how? for perspective we turn to jamal simmons, cbs news political analyst and amy holmes, co-host of the nationally syndicated radio show "america's morning news" both in our washington bureau. good morning to both you. good to see you both. >> good morning, chris. >> the president returns from south korea, no free trade agreement right there. how does he turn things around and put a positive spin on this if it's at all possible to put a positive spin on this. >> i don't think he can put a positive spin on his asia trip as we saw in that package, the media is not going along with but he can dive back into the domestic issues front and center this session. you mention the bush tax rates. this is going to be a battle but
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i think will come into a compromise. it doesn't benefit either party for taxes for go up in january. >> let me ask you about this trip whilee're talking about it right now, after the president's, quote, she lacking after the midterm elections and this trip probably not being reviewed very favorably, it looks as though the tide is going against the president right now. how does he kind of turn things around and bring perception back things aren't totally going against him here. >> you know, chris, it's always better to win than not win so it is hard to define this as anything other than a problem not getting this trade deal done. i think a lot of domestic interests, particularly ford motor company and labor group who think better to get a deal than no deal. from a policies perspective is not necessarily that much of a setback. he still has time to work this deal out. from a political perspective these things have rhythms and right now he's in one that doesn't seem to be working out well for him and he's got to find a way to start having wins back on the board to give his
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troops a little more feeling wind under their sails to battle the republicans into next year. >> jamal, sticking with you here while we're talking about the bush tax cuts a second ago the president said he is willing to compromise with republicans. to the american people at home watching right now, what is that definition, what are we looking at here. >> compromise means both sides sit down at the table and talk about their issues and work a deal that both can work with. compromise is not capitulation. the president has to do an electoral two-step. on one side make sure the independents know he is focused on the jobs and economy and i like on this trip he started out strong talking about jobs and the economy and will keep talking about jobs and the economy. as to the tax cuts i think he will probably have to cut a deal with the republicans that allows them to separate the tax cuts, have some for the middle-class go permanent and for the wealthy extend those for a year or to. looks like that's where they are
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headed. >> amy, what are your thoughts. dot republicans have enough leverage to say, no, we want this across the board? >> they don't because we still have democrats, of course, in charge in the senate. harry reid remains the majority leader so i don't think permanent past tax cuts across the boertd pass both houses of congress. i think jamal is right sort of the conventional ris dom republicans and democrats will come together to keep the middle-class tax cuts and make toes permanent and for the upper income make those tarry, one or two years but for republicans that, is a pretty good deal because in two years, of course, they hope they'll be facing a republican white house where they can revisit this conversation two years from now and possibly make those tax cuts permanent. >> i'll ask you both this question so feel free to chime in talking about the president's bipartisan deficit panel right now they laid out a plan to help cut the deficit a plan that says okay raising retirement age, tax write-offs like home mortgage interest payments going by the wayside. how are the american people
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going to respond to these things? >> i think it will be controversial, especially, you know, the mortgage deduction that is so popular among the american people but toake your taxes less complicated, that will be popular. but, boy, the commission says right up front this will be painful for everyone. >> jamal, go ahead. >> i think that's exactly right. the commission dropped a big plan on the table and really changed the terms of the debate. they made sure the people in the tea party and other places in the republican party who are saying we were just cut domestic spending a hundred billion dollars and that will be helpful is really a drop in the bucket, you've got to do something big. i talked about the president's electoral two-step. he has to get with the independents on jobs and the deficit but also has to energize that part of his electoral -- to get them to show back up in 2012 or else he really can't win. >> thank you both for taking the time to join us this morning. good to see you both. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> for the other morning top stories elaine is at the news
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desk for us this morning. good morning. >> breaking news this morning from myanmar, the country formerly known as burma. the military dictatorship has freed pro democracy leader aung san suu kyi after seven years under house arrest. hundreds of supporters gathered outside her home. she's a nobel peace prize winner and one of the world's most prominent political prisoners. her release a week after the nation's pro-military party won elections considered a sham by countries in the west. in afghanistan, at least eight militants are dead following a failed suicide bombing attack on a major nato base. it's the second attack in a month on the base and adjoining airport outside jalalabad. nato forces say the attackers were driven back before they could enter the base. the taliban is claiming responsibility. the hunt is on for a double agent who revealed the identities of 11 russian sleeper spies living in the u.s., including the most famous, anna chapman. cbs news correspondents charlie
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d'agata is live from london with more. good morning, charlie. >> good morning to you elaine, certainly one of the most celebrated russian spies since the end of the cold war and back in the news again as it emerges the man who may have tipped her network off to u.s. authorities was in charge of running it. for someone who used to lurk in the shadows as a spy, anna chapman has been pretty comfortable in the spotlight since being exposed as a russian secret agent. now, russian officers are on the hunt for the man who allegedly blew her cover, her own boss. russian president confirmed reports a senior intelligence officer unmarveged chapman's spying in the u.s. the president said he knew who blew the whistle from day one and warned the agency to clean up its act. russia's newspaper has only identified the officer as colonel sherbokof, thought to have fled to the u.s. before the scandal broke in june. ten russian agents were deported and swapped for russians
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convicted of spying in their own country. 28-year-old chapman has become the spy network's most famous figure since the ring was exposed. she got her name from a brief stop and a brief marriage in britain. when more pictures began popping up on the internet, it wasn't long before fashion magazines came calling. she's reportedly been offered a six-figure book deal, too. but her u.s. plea bargain came with the agreement she wouldn't capitalize on her crime. russia's intelligence agency would probably like her to keep quiet, too. scandal has been an embarrassment to the once mighty russian intelligence services and could be damaged, too, if more information comes to light about russia's operations in the u.s. elaine? >> charlie, it hardly looks like anna chapman is keeping a low profile from what we saw there. >> uh, no, not at all. she received a hero's welcome when she returned to russia last summer and really in the public eye since making celebrity appearances, modeling, and becoming some of a sensation on
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the internet, too. elaine? >> all right. charlie today getta in london thank you. police in north carolina have more questions than answers determining how 10-year-old zahra baker was killed. she had suffered from cancer when she disappeared from her home. her remains were found in two different places five miles apart. her step-mother is in jail charged with writing a bogus ransom note to throw investigators off the case. she's now cooperating with the police and has not been charged in her death. the u.s. postal service says it lost $8.5 billion the last fiscal year blaming a sharp decline in mail volumes thanks to the recession and increased use of e-mail. it's the fourth consecutive year of losses and comes after the post office has already cut over 100,000 jobs. one solution being considered to raise revenue, greeting cards, sold with stamps already on the envelope. 200 students at the university of central florida in orlando confessed to cheating on
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a bis midterms students who turned themselves in were allowed to retake the test and avoid disciplinary action. the professor was tipped off many in the class of 600 acquired the answers beforehand. thank giving dinner will cost a bit more this year. ingredients for the average thanksgiving he meal come in at $43.47, about a 50-cent increase over last year. the bureau says the biggest increases were for milk and cream, while the price of a 16-pound turkey actually fell 99 cents. it's about 13 minutes after the hour. lonnie quinn with our first check of the weather. good morning. >> i've got to tell you, it is getting more expensive, i still love this time of year, don't you? >> i do, too. >> so mann people's favorite holiday. let's get you in the mood for thanksgiving some, forecasts cranberry, pennsylvania, sunshine and 60, pietown, new mexico, the sun there, as well.
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62 and corn, oklahoma, partly cloudy, temperatures in upper 50s, but this is your big weather story. the rocky mountains, higher elevations have had your first snow. today the city's turn the first snowstorm is brewing in the plains. you can see it on the satellite and radar picture, for places like minneapolis to duluth to sioux city, 6 to 12 inches of snow in this particular snowstorm. that situation kicks into today and stays true all throughout your day until about tomorrow morning as this low pressure system pulls in cold canadian air, tapped in with moisture from the south. you have the first snowstorm of the year for the cities in the midwest. that's a quick look at one little portion of the country. here's a closer look at the weather for your weekend.
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you know, i'm looking at all this like snow falling in the midwest and someone came up with this, you know, witty phrase the weather man is only right 30% of the time. well, i was forecasting mid 60s and sunshine in new york city today. i get out of my cab here at the cbs studios. look at this. yeah, could the weatherman be more wrong? what's going on mr. popper's penguins, a movie with jim carey. a movie in the city, they can make it happen. that's a quick little look at the snow that's not really here in new york city. >> it was a big surprise. >> for all of us. >> i'm like -- i even thought, boy, i messed up this one. >> it went on for a couple of blocks. >> especially since it will be 65 in the city. >> my family in minnesota who is getting real snow, maybe you are jealous today. >> not all weathermen are 30% accurate. >> no. no. >> just you. >> 27. >> thank you lonnie.
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on a much more serious note an investigation under way into the electrical room fired aboard the luxury cruise liner the carnival "splendor." 4500 stranlded passengers and crew had to endure three days without lights, without hot food, or even hot showers before being led by tugboats back to port. cbs news correspondents john blackstone has the latest. >> reporter: the not-so-shipshape carnival "splendor" sits in the harbor while a team from the cruise line is assessing the damage. the national transportation safety board originally said it would lead the investigation into the engine room fire that shut down virtually all the power on the ship. but now, that won't happen. >> their argument is, well, the united states government doesn't have the jurisdiction. >> reporter: because the ship is registered in panama. critics say cruise ship operators use the so-called flag of convenience to skirt tougher regulations in the united states. so, officials from panama will be taking the lead, with two experts from the ntsb assisting.
5:17 am
>> they have tried in the past to investigate accidents, carnival challenged that in the past in federal court and won. >> reporter: in fact, there was no law that addressed safety and security on board cruise ships operating in the u.s. until president obama signed the cruise line safety act in july. >> we still have a long way to go because it's still a self-regulated type business. >> reporter: as all passengers left they were checked by immigration officers who discovered one wanted on grand theft charges in nevada. she was arrested. john blackstone, cbs news, san diego. to discuss the impact the carnival "splendor" fiasco will have on the industry, cbs news travel editor peter greenburg. great to have you here. >> good morning. >> as you listen to his piece he talks about the new law signed in in the summertime to help make sure boats are more safe but then we have this happen, 4500 people on board and the u.s. handed the reins over to
5:18 am
panning ma for the investigation. what's the thinking there. >> first of all the law obama signed is about cruise ship safety and crime and reporting of it because there is no database to let you know how safe is your ship. when you have a passenger of four or five thousand people on a ship that's a small town. do they have a jail or a police officer? no, they don't. that's what that law was about. what's happening here, where the ships are registered. most cruise ships are not registered in the united states, almost none, registered in pan marks liberia and the bahamas. when something like this happens it goes into the area where the flag is flown. in this case the liberian or pan man yan authorities will do the lead investigation. doesn't mean the ntsb won't be involved but just won't the be the lead agency. >> in your view are cruise ships safe? >> absolutely. 230 are cruising right now a $17 billion industry, nothing happened yesterday, nothing nothing is happening today and nothing will happen to tomorrow. you have to look very, very hard
5:19 am
to find actually a ship problem. with state-of-the-art systems, we don't really know what caused the fire but the process after the fire. on the bridge of the ship is an anunsiator panel and allows the officer on the bridge to identify and isolate the source of the fire immediately, close all doors and push a panel that cuts off all the air conditioning in that area because the worst thing that can happen on a ship is a fire that spledz on the ventilation system. nothing was compromised, once they got that out they were floating and going in where for a while. >> floating and going nowhere, no food -- hot water. >> no hot food, that's a krichl. >> no hot water. just from the stories on board it was not a pleasant experience. >> it was not a pleasant experience but nothing was compromised. i'm not trying to be an apologist for the cruise line. but nothing was at risk once the ship stopped the power it is like they needed to be towed home, if your car breaks down on the
5:20 am
highway, you'll be eating spam, too. at least in california. >> what do you think will happen to the industry, are people going to get back on board? >> sure. a as a matter of fact all the ships online were ordered before the meltdown. it means there are great deals. i've seen deals now for $2 the, seven-day cruises to the caribbean before the "splendor" independent about $45 a day including three meal as day. you can't wake up in topeka for that. people are going to go. >> do you think this raises a major outcry that changing regulations going forward. >> i think they should change. u.s. law should prevail and the ntsb should be there. with all due respect to the pain man yam authorities i have not seen a show called "csi panama" i want guys who know what they are doing and live this work to find out what happened. >> do you think the cruise industry would backing like that that. the perspective there might be a lot of americans dissuaded from
5:21 am
traveling once they understand how they are regulated. >> there are reasons they call these countries flag of convene yens. the industry will not race to support this law. it is an economic as opposed just a safety issue. >> thank you so much for being with us. always great breaking it down. >> no hot food. my god. >> a travesty. we appreciate it. coming up "palin's reality" that's right a reality show premiering this weekend, sarah palin, eight episodes, good move, bad move? we'll talk it over with huard bragman in just a couple of moments. how about that mall food, the food court, yes, it can be a healthy option. help wash down all that credit card debt you are wracking up at the holidays. we'll show you some of the healthiest meals you can finds at the mall. you are watching "the early show" here on cbs. 3q,,,,
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chris wragge along with rebecca jarvis. this weekend the premiere of sarah palin's alaska eight episodes on the tlc network a beautiful backdrop of alaska wonderfully scenic shots but the greatest political info slash advertisement ever? that's the big question. >> it is incredible p.r., just to even for alaska itself, to see this kind of imagery coming from that state but, also for sarah palin. >> she says it's not a reality show, just kind of a little insight into what her days and weeks are like with her family in alaska. if you like hiking, if you love fishing -- >> they look like good days and weeks to me. >> looks like a great day way to spend your time. we'll talk with howard brag man in moments, an image maker and will break this down, is this a good move, bad move, does this set her up as a potential presidential run in 2012. if that's the case is this the best thing she can do. as you know some candidates write books to give you in the
5:25 am
run-up to tell you what they are like. >> is this new sort of youtube nation we've become used to. also we'll talk about mall food on the lighter side, what kind of fare you can have at the mall to stay eltier simplts there light fare at the mall is the big question. >> it is a difficult test but i think we can accomplish something in that one. >> stick to the soup. believe it or not, there is good mall fare out there that is healthy and we're going to give you some of the best. you are watching "the early show" here on cbs.,,,,,,
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wanted to tell dave with that trip, you know, being in alaska like that, watch out, people shoot things out of choppers. he's an easy target. >> he could end up in the reality show. sarah and dave. >> hey we talked about it before when we showed up at work this morning a bit of a surprise not knowing, well, of course, this is the biggest movie set in the world but at the same time, caught us off guard. there was snow everywhere on the plaza this morning. >> i'm forecasting 65 degrees -- >> bright sunshine, 65 today, all expecting a wonderful spring day on the plaza "mr. pop per's peng quinns" being filmed here jim carry's latest production i guess due to be released in august 2012. nice summer fare. all this snow creating some -- >> okay. look. i had no idea they were doing the movie here. did you guys know?
5:28 am
>> no. >> what did you think, elaine? >> i was like, whoa, okay, is this november or is it january? i didn't know. i was like thinking -- >> because it's for the just here on our plaza. it goes all down side streets, up fifth avenue a bit, what, like a microburst? >> "mr. pop per's penguins" an older movie 1930s. >> basically a painter who inherented penguins, one turned two 12. >> some may actually remember this, sorry to interrupt, a lot of kids read it in school. >> the latest adaptation, what i was getting at, they changed the story around and jim carry plays this businessmen who has six penguins, instead of 126789 as they say the hilarity ensues. but, yeah, august of 2012. jim carry. he's a hitmaker. snow on the plaza, big snowball fight coming up in the 8:00 hour. we'll ask you to stay with us. >> there will be snowballs. ,,,,
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a fantastic crowd and snow on the plaza this morning. welcome to "the early show" i'm rebecca jarvis. >> see if it packs up nicely. >> it looks like it would. >> i'm chris wragge. coming up five tax tricks that can save you thousands next year but guess what you have to act now so you'll have to pay attention irmgs also something you have to do right now, attention holiday shoppers not everything in the food court will doom your diet. we reveal six meals actually good for you, chris, you can fit into that sweater from grandma, you know, the important things. >> that's all ahead but first "sarah palin's alaska" the former governor's own television
5:31 am
show debuting tomorrow night on t lv c. a look at her home and could also double as fwree promotion for a presidential run in 2012. here's cbs news correspondent nancy cordes. >> reporter: "sarah palin's alaska" is one part reality show. >> on a really clear day, you can see russia from here -- almost. >> reporter: one part travel documentary. >> you have to respect the elements out here. mother nature always wins. >> reporter: the show was shot last summer t. gives a rare glimpse inside palin's wasilla home and inside her home life. >> willow, come here. no, boys, go upstairs. willow. willow. >> i think sarah palin never does thing the traditional way and creates quite a contrast. >> a bear's coming towards us. >> we'll back up. look at the clouds. >> reporter:edly paid one million dollars for each of the episodes. >> that whole miss perception
5:32 am
about being a diva kind of cracks me up. a gnat stuck to my lip. i would describe myself, my family as normal, average, everyday americans. >> well, if everyday americans spent their time dog sledding, gutting fish, white water rafting. >> how come we can't be satisfied with tranquility. >> and rock climbing. she insists this is not a reality show. but, the producer is very familiar to reality tv fans. he's mark but net, the man behind "survivor" and "the apprentice." >> will the show boost her political career? p.r. guru howard brag man founder of "15 minutes" is in los angeles for us this morning. mr. guru, how are you? >> good morning, chris. i'm great, thanks. >> we saw that with the whole you can see russia statement. is this a good way for sarah palin to kind of show more people a different side of her? >> i think we're seeing the side of her that people like.
5:33 am
i don't necessarily think it's a different side. sarah's done a very good job of not only distancing herself but really disdaining the east coast establishment media. and saying, i'm not with you. when she did that really horrible interview with katie couric, not horrible, katie was great but sarah messed up, katie couric became evil for doing it and sarah has really carried that and instead of doing traditional interviews, she gets [ inaudible ] which is brilliant, chris. >> you think this is, then, a good idea because a lot of people are looking at this as a potential well kind of a political infor mergs for a potential run in 2012. do you think this is the way to, good show them the traditional media and do something a bit more like this? >> i think it's the way to go for her. people like her folksyness and her hoemness, people like her family and her accessibility and that's how she is defining herself. look at the impact she had on the election. we can see that people really relate to this and it's kind of
5:34 am
an anti-intellectual, anti-establishment view that she embodies very well and i think the show is a wonderful ad for her, it's a travel log for alaska and plus she gets paid money for doing it, too. >> i was going to say a million dollars and episode for eight episodes -- >> the same as you get here, right in. >> exactly, exactly. he'll give her a call and see how we'll spend all this money. do you think, i don't know, does this give her more of a presidential feel or do you think this is added ammunition for the people that are not sarah palin fans? >> i think it's both. i think the people who don't like sarah palin will use this and pick out moments and say, look, see, she could never be president. but the people who do like her will really respond. i mean, think of ronald reagan. when i think of sarah palin, let me make it clear, politically, i have nothing in common with sarah palin. i disagree with her on just about everything she ever says politically. but, i truly respect the image she's created and every
5:35 am
republican tries to emulate ronald reagan. she's the one who's really captured that folksiness and humanity. when we think of ronald reagan we think of morning in america, we think of him horseback riding in the mountains this is sarah palin's version and pretty brilliant, chris. >> howard, thank you very much, as always for your insight. great talking with you this morning. >> thanks, chris. stay warm. >> thank you so much. actually will be nice on the east coast this weekend. now lonnie with another check of the weather on the plaza and can confirm what i just stated. >> we'll talk about wraggs, the snowballs getting ready to have a snowball fight with me you guys had to be surprised by snow in new york city up and down the streets. take a shot over here. jim carry in town doing a movie part of his set and, wraggs, this is my -- hello, how are you? let's talk a bit of weather, it is all impromptu. let's talk weather. in alaska a bit of snow for you but a lot for the northern plains and a beautiful day in
5:36 am
new york city and los angeles, high pressure on the east coast, high pressure offshore, off the west coast. in between, it's not so night. there's the big snowstorm brewing in the northern plains, winter weather warnings in effect right now for portions of minnesota, wisconsin and iowa. that's a quick look at the national picture. here's a closer look at the weather for your weekend. >> all right, wragg, you should be situated about there. wraggs we'll see you in a bit but, rebecca, it's all yours. >> good throw. up next how to save thousands of dollars through your employee benefit plan. five tax breaks you must take advantage of now before it's too
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now is the time for act if you want to save yourself thousands of dollars, many employee benefit plans offer substantial tax breaks you may not even know about. for this week's money watch "early show" financial adviser ray martin is here with five tax moves you should make immediately. ray, now is the time of year we get the post cards in the mail often from our employer saying open enrollment. >> right. >> what is open enrollment and why is it so important to act? >> open enrollment is a time people bake mayor benefit elections now for the following year. the reason it's important to act now and think about this carefully is there are some great, great tax savings in your benefits plan particularly reimbursement and savings accounts where you can set aside money before federal taxes, before state taxes, before social security taxes and use that money completely tax-free to pay for things you're already paying for. and save hundreds or thousands of dollars in taxes here to do that and, you know, if you good get a 40% discount on paying for
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groceries and pay for your groceries, you would do it, wouldn't you? >> get it before uncle sam does. >> absolutely. listen carefully and we'll tell you about these. the other thing only a quarter of the people that offer these accounts use them because there's some misconception so that's why -- >> a lot of money left on the table. talk about the first one. flexible savings account. >> okay, flexible savings account basically two flavors, a health care account and dependent reimbursement account. the health care reimbursement account is money you know you were spend for out-of-pocket co payments and deductibles for year and may only be a few hundred dollars or maybe more depending on the health insurance plan you choose. you set that aside and use a debit card to pay for things, deductibles, co payments, prescription, medications. the couple that got this here, if i put the money aside and don't use it, i could lose it. now they bhoe over-the-counter medications with prescription
5:42 am
but there are a lot of deduct sdiblgs. eyeglasses and other owe. >> comes in handy. the health savings account is different. the other account, by the way for dependent care expenses for folks and you can save a lot of money up to $5,000 and again has a use-it-or-lose-it feature. but completely different in one respect, you can set aside money but have to choose a high deductible health insurance plan. a health insurance option with a two or three thousand deductible. you save a lot there because your employer will fully pay for that but you need to set aside money in this account. money you don't use for in completely rolls over the following year, you don't forfete it so a great option for people to consider a health savings account. >> the computer account lastly for people in transit. >> you live in washington, d.c., boston, new york, you know what parking tolls and computer costs are you can set aside $230 a
5:43 am
month and pay for commuter expenses completely tax free. why wouldn't yew it for tax-free costs? >> exactly. >> computer costs and save about 30 or 40% so you can save a lot of money. >> the 401(k) we say opt in and take advantage of your employer's free money. >> absolutely. save at least to the match of 6% but sign up for automatic rebalancing and automatic contribution increases or even a managed account to keep it on autopilot when you are not watching it is a great way to max minimize that, as well. >> ray martin, thank you for maximizing our assets for us. >> you're welcome. >> for more go to our sister website. up next, if holiday shopping is on the menu, don't let all that fast food at the mall ruin your diet. we found six of america's meltiest food court meals, dishes that are actually good for you. thaegs coming up next and you're watching "the early show" on cbs. >> announcer: this money watch segment sponsored by slate from >> announcer: this money watch
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5:47 am
welcome back. it is the one place holiday shoppers can go to fuel up and that is the food court, also where every item on the menu seems like a diet disaster. we have got some good news. not all food court fare is bad for you. as a matter of fact "health" magazines has combed malls around the country to find dishes actually good for you. great to see you, as always. >> great to see you. >> you mean to tell me i can now go to the mall and not only run up my credit cards but also have a healthy meal. >> that's right. you can fuel up instead of filling out. >> we have six meals on the table. these are the best options, folks. >> yes. >> if you are at the mall this weekend, take note. let's start with this here, the asian chicken salad. >> asian chicken salad but lightened up for 2010, 2011, from panera bread, 400 calories
5:48 am
with 31 grams of proteins. i know you are a protein guy and h will keep you satisfied. >> the sodium is high but -- >> again, talking about a mall. >> these are the best picks at the mall. >> it's all relative here. >> a subway fan and i'm a huge sandwich fan this is the best option. >> the veggie delight only 330 calories with swiss cheese and light may nice plus six grams of fiber. >> people forget when you put the french dressing and the mayo, it adds -- >> keep laying it up. >> -- exponential numbers to your caloric intake. >> this is a chicken rice bowl great because it has pro even if, whole grains and veggies, 500 calories, though, so a bit higher but will keep you full. you are going out on a full-day shopping spree this is the one to go for. >> you can actually hit the left
5:49 am
wing and right wing of the mall on this fuel. actually a pretty good size, too. >> it is going to keep you full. >> this is from uno chicago grill. >> which i love. >> this is a delicious amazing pizza. >> this whole thing is only 290 calories? >> oh, no, no, no, no, no. for a third of it. >> i was going to say whoa go to a commercial! >> eggplants and spinach. you get your veggies and that's tough around the holidays you are getting a lot of other things, sugar and fat. >> as far as pizza goes from a crust standpoint uno, as far as a the chain pizzas it ranks up there, baby. >> starbucks. >> almost twoo healthy. >> only 250 calories say you are shopping after dinner and just need something to get you, you know, through the night. but this is their artisan snack make hummus, chicken, pita and veggies, the perfect thing to
5:50 am
hold you over. >> where is the sodium coming from, i'm trying to figure out? >> hummus and bread which people forget it is loaded with sodium. that's why it tastes good. hello. >> this is our number one item. >> number one. >> you want to go to the mall and eat healthy this is what you are ordering. >> p.f.changs, their asian grilled salmon, we love the whole grain brown rice rich in resistant starch, keeps you full but split it, a really big portion and if you do it is only 230 calories plus getting mega 3 ps from the salmon. >> thanks so much. great to see you. >> for more tips on healthy fast food selection go to our partner in health and search best, fast foods, sounds like an oxymoron but leave it or not like we've shown you, we've shown you some.
5:51 am
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one combined serving of vegetables and fruit with the goodness of green tea and powerful antioxidants. refreshingly good. year "early show" weather anchor dave price has accepted the "no way home" challenge, a very big deal. yesterday he began his odyssey in anchorage, alaska of all places with nothing but 50 dollars in his pocket and a windowsphone. that's it, folks. his goal to make his way back to new york by friday. so, let's see how far he's gotten since yesterday he joins us from where he started in beautiful anchorage, alaska. dave, good morning. >> oh, good morning to you, guys. >> it sounds as though it's been a great morning for you already. take us through it, dave. how has it been up to besides obviously not getting very far? >> well, as i'm just tweeting right now, if athletes food can
5:55 am
spread to the entire body, i'm in trouble. i just awoke from my slumber here at the university of alaska anchorage locker room. that's right. that is where i slept last night, next to these size 15 sneakers. i did not make it very far. >> nobody said it would be easy. >> we did not make it very far. oh, no, no one said it would be easy. >> how daunting of a task is this? you asked the people to vote and they voted for you to start in alaska, a tough way to kick this trip off. let's be honest for a second. how tough do you think this will be just to get out of alaska alone? >> you know, what i thought it would be tough and serious and even tougher in practice. it is 4:00 in the morning right here right now. i -- their cost of getting to alaska, from alaska to seattle commercially is about $400 or
5:56 am
more. and it's tough to raise that kind of money and -- because of the change in weather, seaplanes aren't flying, small planes are an issue. if i take a horse, if i'm going to take a horse, it will take me three or four months to get to seattle. >> it's already come to horses. so far you've done two jobs, as far as i understand from your tweets, worked at a fishery, 30 bucks and changed a tire for 40. my question as a business and economics correspondent why not change a few more tires, dave. what are you doing wasting your time with the fish. >> no, no, no, no. that's not entirely accurate, rebecca. i worked in the fish processing plant. i changed -- i changed one tire. i put on a set of rims, which brought in $1500, yeah, but rims take a long time and i did some other things, as well.
5:57 am
which i'll tell you about after the commercial break. >> if you want to help dave find his way back to new york follow him on twitter at earlyshowdave or send him an e-mail for. some of you, your local news is next. for others, you're coming right back. all right, once again dave price with us. "no way home" started in anchorage, alaska this morning, he's still in anchorage, alaska. coming to us live this morning from a lockerroom. >> the [ inaudible ] locker room, right, dave? >> right, the sea wolves. >> he won't care -- >> i know sea wolves. i have family in alaska, dave, i'm going to put them in touch wuf. we'll see what we can do. >> well, we're about 24 hours late for that, aren't we erica. >> seriously. >> rebecca -- >> i called. they're not available. i just got a call, they're not available. >> i haven't -- like i haven't
5:58 am
slept. >> you know we're in new york, right, dave? u've got to go all the way across country. dave, what are you thinking, as far as like the next job is concerned? you must have something in mind, as to where you're going to try to get that next dollar. >> well, here's the thing. let me just tell you something, i got an offer yesterday to be a greater at the rental car agency at the airport for $200. i could have taken it and could have had the $200 cash and had a way home to seattle. i didn't think it was in the spirit of an honest wage for an honest day's work. i thought it was overly generous and turned it down. well, this is where honesty got me to a locker room floor at the university of alaska. so, it's snowing right now. there may be jobs shoveling overnight. i got a job picking ice at the airport yesterday, which paid some money. but, i think -- >> good luck, man. go back to -- ,,,,,,,,
5:59 am
6:00 am
no place like home. president obama returns from asia this weekend to emboldened republicans and a loss of political clout. are the compromises americans want possible? late night wars. we're going behind the scenes in the jay leno-conan o'brien battle from "the tonight show" from the man who wrote the book, bill carter. a new report claims two of kate's sextuplets have been expelled from school. this morning, a look at the reality of growing up in front of tv cameras. and a the one and only suzanne vega performs live in a rare network appearance. all that and more ahead as we we come you to "the early show" saturday, november 13th, 2010.
6:01 am
hello, everybody. >> yeah. >> happy morning on the plaza. welcome to "the early show" i'm rebecca jarvis for erica hill. >> i'm chris wraegz. don't let the snow in the background fool you. it will be a beautiful day on the plaza , upwards of 65 degrees in manhattan today. >> breaking news we want to update you on aung san suu kyi has just been released after seven years a critic of the military regime in myanmar, formerly burma. of course we want to bring you up to date on that as soon as it becomes available. >> we'll update that in moments and we also want to talk about the pre-holiday diet before you really splurge on thanksgiving. everybody looking forward to the holidays, thanksgiving coming up? >> yeah. >> i'm sure they are looking forward to the 12 days of --
6:02 am
>> we'll call them -- >> some of them are. >> what we're going to talk about basically how to lose that weight you know you will gain on thanksgiving inevitably we all do it, two, three pieces of pumpkin pie, lose a little weight before you go crazy on thanksgiving. we'll show you how coming up. >> first another check of the morning's headlines wi. elaine. >> good morning. the brutal military dictatorship of myanmar, once known as burma, freed its most vocal critic aung san suu kyi detained under house arrest for years. cbs news correspondent charlie d'agata reports. >> reporter: the military government locked her up under house arrest after her car was ambushed in 2003. . the 65-year-old nobel peace prize winner has come to symbolize the struggle for
6:03 am
democracy in her country, making her a target of the military leaders running it. the southeast asian nation has been ruled by the military since 1963. she has fought for democratic reforms for the past two decades and spent most of that time under arrest for her efforts. her latest detention was extended when she was convicted of violating her house arrest by sheltering an american who swam to her house uninvited. the country held its first elections in 20 years last week in a pro-military victory critics claim were rigged. today was the day her latest term of extension expired. but, until she walked free, nobody could be certain the military government would hold up its end of the deal. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. >> when president obama returns from asia tomorrow, job one will be a number of major ghes tick issues and dealing with a new political landscape in washington. mr. obama is in japan this morning wrapping up his ten-day visit to asia. the plan was to drum up new
6:04 am
trade business between growing asian economies and the u.s. some. that didn't work. now, mr. obama must address the nation's mounting deficit, the lingering recession, and a republican-controlled house. several thousand japanese demonstrated there this morning, they were protesting chinese president in what they described as chinese imperialism. japan and china have been at odds over a string of islands in the east china sea. both nations claim the islands as theirs. indonesia's most volatile volcano unleashed another cloud of searing gas today. the death toll from the minute mer aerp volcano now stands at 240 since the dormant volcanos erupted october 26th. that figure has steadily risen as people die from their wounds and officials count those who have died from respiratory problems, heart attacks and
6:05 am
other illnesses related to the blast. arizona could become the 15th state to legalize medical marijuana. it's taken ten full days but starting in a losing column, proposition 203 has pulled ahead by more than 4,000 votes out of 1.6 million votes counted. 10,000 ballots remain unaccounted. about five minutes after the hour. now out to lonnie quinn on the plaza. hi again. >> hello, elaine. nice crowd from conway, arkansas. oh, how nice of you folks. want to start off, though, by telling you about something really important. a national organization provides hope and opportunity to people of all ages who have disabilities and it also supports their families. joining us this morning, head this way with me the president and ceo of yai, phillip, good morning. >> morning. >> go morning, kind sir. obviously and organization like yours needs money to do what do you n. this tough economic
6:06 am
climate has to be challenging. what you are doing this year? >> at a time of decreasing government funding the needs for people of disabilities are no less. we are seeking private funding and more partners to help us. wednesday we are having our huge event. the goal is to purchase a building to house our school-aged program for children with autism and special needs. if people want to become partners go our website. >> we hope you reach that goal. >> we will. thank you so much. >> the hot spots and chilly temps across the country, the hottest anywhere, miami, florida, 80 degrees, the coldest spot, i love this, a moss sashgs colorado. if you love alma so, cheer. i could have said anything right, one degree for you, the best weather anywhere charleston, west virginia, wonsign, a nice air mass and 71 degrees. the northern tier of this system is producing snow. we have winter weather
6:07 am
advisories and warnings in effect for portions of minnesota into wisconsin down to iowa. we're talking a lot of snow. the first major snoempl of the year, six inches, maybe a foot for some of you. that's a quick look at the national picture. here's a closer look at a beautiful face right there and the weather for your weekend. >> this just in, i don't know if it help but all of us at "the early show" will be at your big event. >> thank you. look forward to you being there and sharing with us. >> wraggs, over to you.
6:08 am
indicate goslin, reality show mom and star of "kate plus eight" raised her children in front of television cameras virtually all their lives and now with a report two of her kids have been expelled from school many wonder if it is now time to turn the cameras off. >> i'm going to the beach. if you are coming with me, go now. >> 2010 supposed to be the year of rebirth and redemption for her after an ugly and public divorce from her husband in 2009, the mother of eight began refocusing on rebuilding her family in a new television and film career but many claim her quest for fame continues to have a negative effect on her children. "intouch weekly" reports two of her children have been expelled from their pennsylvania private school. they've fought with their peers, called them nasty names and made fun of other kids, the article says. >> chances are there's probably something going on at home, some sort of dysfunctional situation they are expressing either
6:09 am
verbally or behaviorally. >> the kids will now be home schooled. a source says her number one concern is protecting her children and keeping this personal situation as a private matter. >> part of it may be the fallout from being in a reality series. >> her family has spent most of their lives on television and in the tabloids. now, she's hoping when the camera lights fade, the spotlight on her children will finally go away. senior editor for "intou "intouc"intouch "intouch weekly" broke this story, a lot of people asking what happened with the kids that got expelled. >> we've heard from her so long the children absolutely love being on reality shows and learning that is not the case, they are miss behaving using very nasty language to their peers, harassing other kids and the source tells us they were expelled for rage issues. >> have these kids -- have they had issues before, have any of the kids had other issues
6:10 am
similar to this? >> this is the thing, alexis and colin, age 6 are most rambunctious. it is not surprising these are the two of that acted up and been expelled but kids will be kids. i think she is probably taking the proper action pulling them out of school -- actually they've been expelled and giving them more one on one. >> this is not an optional removal. >> the ratings are down 50%. this is a show that's fallen on hard times right now. is there the, i don't know, the prevailing thought maybe it's time to let these kids grow up with a little peace and quiet? >> you know, here's the question, okay, so, yeah, the ratings are down about 50% -- john's case wants the kids to be removed, he's gone to court and failed to do so. in her defense, this is their income. john is not working. kate is working. while it is temporary, it is lucrative and you know how expensive to put through school
6:11 am
and raise them. >> obviously kids are troubled getting expelled from school. she competed on daenzing with the stars, in her case" walking with the stars" you know what it's like, you've been on reality shows, you were on "the apprentice" this is a full-time job, can you imagine having eight kids. >> if she was a nurse, she would be away a lot more and making a lot less. i'm saying, the ratings are down, take what you can get, make the money now and try to support the kids the best way you know how. until john can offer up anything else, i think he should probably be a little best judgmental. >> the flip side of the coin when it's always brought to her attention maybe you need to take the cameras off the kids. >> yeah. >> she says, no, the kids miss the cameras. it is a little crazy in my estimation. i think probably some at home would disagree. >> as toddlers they probably loved it and didn't know better. now they are 6 and 10 and things have changed. they have places they want to be and becoming resentful our
6:12 am
sources tell us of the television camera. because tlc is suffering in the ratings they are having to create toes moments calling for longer days and more stressful -- >> i notice as you passed in the hallway, you didn't say a word to each other. >> we did. she's so sweet. >> very, very competitive. constantly pulling rank were with me around here. you talk about somebody who hasn't lived down the reality show. thanks. great to see you. >> now over to the afore mentioned rebecca jarvis. >> chris, you had to drive the needle in a bit deeper, but we love you. up next, fight that holiday weight gain before the holiday starts. purge before you splurge with our preholiday diet. that's coming up next and you're watching "the early show" on cbs. [ mosesso ] i don't see why people with sensitivity would want to deprive themselves of white teeth when you do have products out there like the sensodyne iso-active whitening. this is something exciting. basically it's a product that comes in a canister.
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tv newscaster: bacon popular, story at 11. dog: yummy. crunchy. bacon. bacon. bacon. there, in that bag! mom: who wants a beggin' strip!? dog: me! i'd get it myself but i don't have thumbs! yum, yum, yum... it's beggin'! hm... i love you! i love bacon! i love you! i love bacon! i love you! beggin' strips! there's no time like beggin' time! share the fun at
6:16 am
time for our early holiday series designed to stake the stress out of your holidays. thanksgiving is 12 days away the mother of all diet busters, the turkey, stuffing, eggnog, holiday pies, you get the picture but is not too late to purge some bad habits before you splurge ahead and lose a few pounds before the holiday season begins. great to see you, heidi. >> good morning. >> you say good health and diet starts with the breakfast in the morning. >> absolutely. we always hear about it for concentration in school but for wailst loss it is hugely important. breakfast skippers have higher bmis than people who eat breakfast. you want to eat breakfast and having protein really helps whether eggs, yogurt, cheese, or locks, a new york favorite, it will help you feel fuller longer and eat less later in the day. >> once you eat later in the day a lot of us tend to eat more
6:17 am
carbs and pro even if and you say shift a bit on your plate and it make a big difference. >> lower the carbs not talking about going car be-free. if you eat a cup and a half of pasta, make it three-quarters of a cup. increase your vegetables and protein slightly. you still get to eat. we are not talking about starving but that saves about 150 calories, three times a day, if you eat a sandwich, have an open-face and witch, three times a day you can get to 450-calorie deficit that's weight loss. >> not wanting but cutting back a touch. when you come to the snack portion of your day, which fruits are the kinds you want to fill up on? >> so, low sugar fruits like berries have, in fact, high fiber, not a lot of calories, you still get the sweet, melons higher in water content again help make you feel full with less calories. you do want to snack, though. it is not good trying to go a long time without eating, you tend to eats more. snacking will bridge the gap and
6:18 am
increases your metabolism. when you go to long times, it seems counterintuitive, but when you do you actually slow your metabolism. you want to keep it going. but not overriding wi a high-caloric drink. >> we hear about drinking more water. everyone says drink more water it is good for you but you say green tea is good to sip on. >> i'm sure everyone has heard about the antioxidants and seem to turn on the metabolism. drinking two to four cups a day can burn perhaps about 50 more calories a day over the course of the year. that's five pounds. plus, drinking tea helps you to feel full and avoid snacking because you are sipping. >> a good point. a lot of us end up sipping on the drinks we shouldn't be. i read this statistic we get about a fifth of our daily calories from the beverages we consume. >> for some of us, it's even more depending upon what you choose. do not get your calories from drinks. it is such a waste of calories.
6:19 am
so, some of the, you know, seasonal drinks out there the hot coffee beverages, you the frappacinos can be up to 600 calories. that's more than two meals. >> you are drinking your meal. >> soda, cutting that out for two weeks will be 300 calories a day, really significant. if are a drinker, obviously can go two weeks without drinking that's great. if you absolutely have to have a drink dry something like a wine sprit zer. >> and pour water in it instead. >> absolutely. >> we need to work out a little extra and that goes a long way. >> if you are already working out try to up the intensity a. few days a week you can add a day or 10 to 15 minutes more to the workout you are already doing. that, again can add a few extra calories a day you are burning and adds up over the course of time. >> perfect. thank you so much. we really appreciate you being with us.
6:20 am
>> a pleasure. >> up next t-- i do a lot of different kinds of exercise, but basically, i'm a runner. last year. (oof). i had a bum knee that needed surgery. but it got complicated, because i had an old injury. so i wanted a doctor who had done this before. and unitedhealthcare's database helped me find a surgeon. you know you can't have great legs, if you don't have good knees. we're 78,000 people
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6:23 am
early coffee time a war "the tonight show" that played out in public the likes of which i were hadn't seen before only after seven months conan o'brien was taken offer the show to make way for the return of jay leno whose own grand experiment at 10:00 p.m. failed miserably. >> the drama chronicled if the "war for late night when leno went early and television went crest" by bill carter. bill carter joins us this morning. so great to have you. you hear these very intimate conversations. how did you get access to this stuff? >> i was fortunate i know the players going in and most of them i think they've read my earlier books and they were comfortable with me and i think they also just wanted to tell the story. i mean, the story is pretty dramatic and very deep rooted for both of these guys and all
6:24 am
their sur roungding, you know, advisers. and they just, i think, they just decided to open to me. >> it's funny after the first late night war whether it would be dave or jay for "the tonight show" did you ever think you would have another one of these. >> no. i actually didn't. i really didn't but when this started, when they gave jay the 10:00 he show and they didn't let him go, i thought this is going to get interesting, you know, i think something's going to blow up here. >> let's go back a couple of years when they tell conan o'brien in five years' time you'll get the "the tonight show" and jay you'll be out. jay a company guy agrees and everybody thinks everything is copacetic. but five years down the road he's still number one. >> first, jay went along with it but he was very unhappy, extremely unhappy didn't think he would right he would be fired, the way he thought bit but five years in television is so crazy to think that you can predict what's going to happen. i think they thought jay would be fading in five years and he
6:25 am
wasn't. then they had a dilemma, do we leave conan where he is is and let jay go to abc where he might beat him a very complicated situation they created. >> now that jay's numbers are down they are actually worse than co-nan's in that time slot. >> right. >> do you think nbc feels they made a mistake and would they do it differently if they had to do it over again. >> jay's numbers are down in the -- he's got more viewers than co-nan, barely beating lettermen and nbc keeps saying we want the guy to be number one. i don't know if they go back and redo the whole thing. i think they might say we shouldn't have taken jay off. putting him at 10:00 sort of damaged him in some ways. they will never admit until co-nan becomes huge again they made a mistake but they don't do that in television. >> let me ask your thoughts on co-nan, just started on basic cable. your impressions of the way he's come onto the picture. >> i loved his first show and
6:26 am
thought he started with a great opening which he's done each time he's been on tv and i think he's got all the energy in the world, which i like. i think he's freer than he was when he was on "the tonight show" think he's got to go past this and move on to something new. he's got to be in some way reinvented. he can't just re-create himself. he's got to be something different. >> playing up the talk show scorned with $40 million in his pocket. >> he will get past that right away. by the way, he was really hurt by -- he made a lot of money but, boy, psychologically it was tough for him. i do think he's a smart guy, co-nan, really, really smart guy and he's going to figure it out. >> one thing that gets lost in all this -- the man did just not, he did not have a lead-injay's failure at 10:00 led to no one being around for him. >> true. although to be fair he was already behind letterman when jay came on by the way the lead-inis terrible for jay and they can't complain because it goes back to the old story. >> bill carter, thank you so much for being with us.
6:27 am
coming up one of the most brilliant songwriters of her generation, suzanne vega is still ahead. we're back with bill carter. >> yes. >> more moments with you. >> i have to back and say this conversation and just all of the material that you drummed up here is so interesting and it's so interesting to compare your story to what unfolded in front of the public eye because in your story, when you read about jay leno and his reactions behind the scenes, he plays a more -- less villainized role in your story than in the public eye. >> he was villainized by a lot of people in the press and a couple -- i mean, dave and jimmy kimmel really went after him. they had a lot of fun with imbut you realize with jay, he doesn't think in a machiavellian way. he thinks i want to do one thing in life, tell jokes on television. that's all he really wants to do. it's not complicated by getting co-nan's way -- that's really
6:28 am
all he wants to do and i don't think jay fully realizes or appreciates the fact occasionally people are kind of affected by that. he's very driven and focused. >> it seemed as though co-nan, when they came to him with, okay, we'll give you 12:00, "the tonight show" to 12:05 and give jay the half hour. co-nan sort of took the stance i don't want to diminish the brand and seemed to be able to take the other parties into account where jay was more, i want to still be on tv. >> yes. for co-nan, it was like and act of integrity to do this but you have to also remember he was personally hurt, promised something and they yanked it away from him. there was a lot of emotion in him when he made those decisions and, you know, i think he still would make the same decisions but thop doubt it was driven about his personal feeling about he had been mistreated. >> very fascinating. read the book. >> see how it all unfolds. >> it's fantastic. >> bill, thank you once again. >> great to be with you. >> we'll be right back. you are watching "the early show" here on cbs. ,,,,,,,,
6:29 am
6:30 am
they're all having so much fun here this morning. >> aren't we, as well? >> we're here from you. welcome back to "the early show." i'm chris wragge. >> i'm rebecca jarvis. suzanne vega to sing two of her biggest hits. this is a really big deal. >> and also preparing tangy chicken, pear salad and delicious icy dessert. >> the meal people voted for.
6:31 am
>> first, lonnie quinn, who feels a little "dance fever" well every morning but really the forefronts this morning. lonnie. >> i got a little bit of the dance fever thing going on here. here's the deal, take a look behind me all the kids you see here part of the national dance institute. they are back with us again this year. they are some of the two million new york city public school kids who are experiencing the arts all through dance. their leader right here bianca johnson is joining me. i have seen your show before, all right, my wife and i went i think a couple years ago, blown away by how professional it is. why is it that it's so important for the kids to experience dance at a young age, what does it really do for them in the long term? >> well, we expose the children to the arts. we teach them about focus and discipline. we also teach them to develop standards of excellence and a curiosity about their world. >> listen, guys, take your places right now. scoot over there. one more quick question for you, you've got a big events coming up. >> yes. >> tell me about it. >> performing today at
6:32 am
[ inaudible ] at 2:00. there are tickets still available at national dance dot org. >> can i start or do you want to start them? >> go for it. >> all right, ladies and gentlemen, here they are the kids are back, the national dance institute.
6:33 am
take it away! >> good stuff. want to jump into the weather, good for most of the country and want to talk about those towns in the good old usa named after famous dances, look at tht formal waltz, kentucky, p.m. clouds 72. a classic. the charleston in charleston, south carolina, sunshine. 73. hey, man, "saturday night fever" in hustle, virginia. sunshine 66. chubby checker enjoys it "the twist", arkansas. this balloons up into a winter storm. we have a winters weather advisory for the northern plains but the northeast down to greenville is having a beautiful day with lots of sunshine.
6:34 am
great job out here guys, i'm getting high-fives as i go through now i'll say take a quick look at the national picture and here's a closer look at the weather in your area. with the music in the background i'll try to keep the beat as we applaud them. all new york city city kids. back to you rebecca. >> really cool to see them in person. up next how does tangy fried chicken sounds. the art of asian cooking is coming up with chef jet tila. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. [ rain falling ]
6:35 am
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♪ cadillac cts sports sedan. top-tier status right now get this attractive lease offer on a cadillac cts sport sedan. ♪ cadillac. the new standard of the world. this week's chef on a shoestring wants taught cooking classes in his backyard now jet tila is one of america's top chefs master asian fusion from the wynn hotel in las vegas, here to prep the entre you voted for. welcome, jet. >> welcome. thanks for having me. >> i want to make sure last week we gave you the home viewer three entries to choose from.
6:38 am
the people have spoken, they chose the tangy chicken and pear dessert. you're the expert so let's start. >> i'll start with the pear salad. a very quick vinaigrette, if you want to help. >> sure. >> vinegar, soy sauce, the key is fresh ginger. what i'll do is get the salad together. these are apple pears, right, so many fun apple pears this season. i'll do them in arula. wro once that dressing is together we'll pair it here. >> i'm taking too long. >> no, not at all. >> it can be anything you want in season. that's perfect. i'll put the lid on. >> perfect. >> we'll start. the fun part, we'll throw the oil in as it is blending. that makes the vinaigrette. >> beautiful color. >> isn't that fun?
6:39 am
a lot of fun. and done. that becomes this. and this is the vinaigrette and what we'll do is toss it altogether. and then if you want, there's going to be hazelnuts there and i'll put this together. apple pear or asian pears, you pick the apple or the -- >> the fruit you've got around, maybe. >> absolutely. anything fun and crispy and seasonal will work really, really well. do you want to garnish? >> is this the garnish. >> slivered almonds can work well, too. >> then the main course. i'll try some of this as you are working. >> awesome. >> we call this tangy fried chicken using tam rin. if case you have not played with it before it is a potted fruit and grows everywhere fun and warm. thailand can get it, if you can't get it basically we'll do
6:40 am
either the concentrate or the juice. >> the salad is excellent, by the way. >> thank you. >> this is what it looks like and all the fun ingredients. if you want to help, you can help me start. >> sure. everything out here. >> you do them, koriander, brown sugar, chilli powder and cumen. >> we work well together, don't we. >> you can pay me extra on the side. >> tumeric was the magic spice one of the super spices of the world, super good for you. of course salt that out, we'll do a little soy sauce. >> how long will you put this in here before you actually put it in the pan? >> what's really nice about this, you want this to marinate, thank you, you want to marinate the chicken for at least four hours to overnight. overnight works, and itgy because of the tamerin which is acidic and a natural tenderizer. this is a double-step pro sells.
6:41 am
we'll bake it in the oven then right into the friar. >> through the magic of tv it comes out looking like this. >> fryer then boom. >> fantastic. i want to make sure we get to this dessert you prepared. it looks delicious. >> today we'll do a pineapple smoothie or pineapple slush. the reason i want to do this, because fried chicken heavy but super tasty o so we'll do a nice light dessert to balance it out. we'll do pineapple, of course an just go canned, a little more acidity, which is orange juice then just a little sugar to balance things out a bit then a little milk powder. i want you to think about this as kind of like smoothie-ish. oh, the gang is here. >> fried chicken. >> there's the chicken guys and salad on that side. >> blends it up. blend it up. >> let's see how you did in terms of the price. i know in terms of the taste,
6:42 am
you did an amazing job. >> thank you. >> $39.92. you did come under budget. great work. >> barely under budget. >> but, you know, it is a great meal. you can find more of this morning's recipes online. chef jet tila, fantastic meal and work. >> thank you very much. >> up next a very special treat, the fabulous suzanne vega. you are watching "the early show" on cbs. yeah, i want some. so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables? yeah, maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit.
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wisk is engineered to fight all the major stain groups like particulates and oils. [ girl ] that lip gloss is soooo cute on you. [ female announcer ] you'll never look at stains the same way again. for a powerful clean against a full range of stains, use new wisk. fight stains with science. ♪ and the wind kicks up ♪ and the kids are gone >> this morning a masterful storyteller with poetic eye.
6:46 am
she emerged from the greenwich village folks sing 25 years ago to become one of the most brilliant songwriters of her generation. >> new versions of her best songs right now proud to welcome suzanne vega purchasing her break-through single "luca "i've. ♪ my name is luca ♪ i live on the second floor ♪ i live upstairs from you ♪ yes, i think you've seen me before ♪ ♪ if you hear something late at night ♪ ♪ some kind of trouble, some kind of fight ♪ ♪ just don't ask me what it was ♪ ♪ just don't ask me what it was ♪ ♪ just don't ask me what it was ♪ ♪ i think it's 'cause i'm clumsy ♪
6:47 am
♪ i try not to talk too loud ♪ maybe it's because i'm crazy ♪ ♪ i try not to act too proud ♪ the only hip until you cry ♪ after that, you don't ask why ♪ ♪ you just don't argue anymore ♪ ♪ just don't argue anymore ♪ just don't argue anymore ♪ ♪ ♪ yes, i think i'm okay ♪ i walked into the door again ♪ ♪ well, if you ask, that's what i'll say ♪ ♪ it's not your business anyway ♪
6:48 am
♪ i guess i would like to be alone ♪ ♪ with nothin' broken ♪ just don't ask me how i am ♪ just don't ask me how i am ♪ just don't ask me how i am ♪ name is luca ♪ i live on the second floor ♪ i live upstairs from you ♪ yes, i think you've seen me before ♪ ♪ if you hear somethin' late at night ♪ ♪ some kind of trouble, some kind of fight ♪ ♪ just don't ask me what it was ♪ ♪ just don't ask me what it was ♪ ♪ just don't ask me what it was ♪ ♪ the only hit until you cry ♪ after that, you turn and
6:49 am
cry ♪ ♪ just don't argue anymore ♪ just don't argue anymore ♪ just don't argue anymore ♪ ♪ >> suzanne vega. fantastic, so wonderful to have you here. >> hello there. how are you, nice to see you. >> great to meet you. >> hi, guys. >> you've had such an incredible career, so much success to think it started with a song you were writing at age 14. did you ever think back then it would turn into this? >> well, yeah, i kind of hoped that it would, you know. >> i like hearing that, by the way. >> knock on wood. >> i guess not. yeah, i was a teenager in my room playing songs on the guitar
6:50 am
and imagining that i would be touring and traveling, you know, and singing songs for the rest of my life, really. so, the success was bigger than i had thought it would be, that's the truth. >> how about that song that you just performed right there, one much those songs, i mean, i remember it from, heck, when i was a whole lot younger, one of those songs that i think anybody who just hears just a few chords automatically brings them back to a time years ago. >> a lot of people remember. >> yeah. well, it's because of what it's about. it's about abuse and so a lot of people even today i get letters from kids who weren't even alive when the song came out the first time. so, it's a song with a special meaning, so it just does keep living on. >> yeah. when you are down in greenwich village in the area because you spent so much time down here. >> yes. >> does it just bring back great memories when your career first started? >> you know, there's not a street in new york city that doesn't have a memory for me. good, bad, or indifferent.
6:51 am
i know manhattan so well, i've lived there my whole life so everywhere i go i have all kinds of memories. so, yeah, i mean -- but i'm not nostalgic. i don't have a wish to go back to the '80s. >> where you and i differ. [ laughter ] >> thank you. >> not me. i'm very happy right now. >> for more, head to our website cbs >> she will be right back with another one of her most popular songs "tom's diner." >> this is "the early show." we'll be right back. >> announcer: this "second cup cafe" segments sponsored by coffeemate. trs e. ♪ express yourself ♪ it's better when you add your flavor. coffee-mate. from nestle. old legs. p.a.d., the doctor said. p-a-d...
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does your makeup do that? neutrogena® cosmetics recommended most by dermatologists. you you know, folks with the mom t-shirts, "i love mom" one real commitment getting it tattooed on his bicep. this week dave price continues his "no way home" adventure.
6:55 am
good luck, davy with only $50 and a home. he can make it back here by next friday? we'll check on his progress. so far, he's been gone one day and made it no progress. >> speaking of progress and price, early next saturday the secrets to cutting the price of your thanksgiving dinner without cutting back on food or taste. >> we leave you with suzanne vega, a song that has inspire sod many versions in so many genres here's "tom's diner" have a great weekends. good luck, dave price! ♪ ♪ ♪ i am sitting in the morning at the diner on the corner ♪ ♪ i am waiting at the counter for the man to pour the coffee ♪ ♪ and he fills it only halfway ♪ mcand before i even argue, he
6:56 am
is looking out the window at somebody coming in ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it is always nice to see you,s there says the man behind the counter to the woman who has come in, she is shaking her umbrella ♪ ♪ and i look the other way as they are kissing their hellos and i'm pretending not to see them and instead, i pour the milk ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:57 am
♪ i open up the paper, there's a story of the actor who had died while he was drinking, it was no one i had heard of. and i'm turning to the horoscope and looking for the funnies when i'm feeling someone watching me and so i raise my head ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ on the outside looking inside does she see me? no, she does not really see me 'cause she sees her own reflection. and i'm trying not to notice that she's hitching up her skirt and while she's straightening her stockings, her hair has gotten wet ♪
6:58 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, this rain, it will continue through the morning as i'm listening to the bells of the cathedral ♪ ♪ the cathedral ♪ ♪ ♪ -- captions by vitac --
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